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Ellie Ballou

Head of Platform

Ellie Ballou joins Suttona Capital as the Head of Platform, focusing on enhancing value across the firm's portfolio companies. Ms. Ballou brings a deep understanding of the modern consumer, honed through her prior role at Spate, a machine intelligence platform using data science to predict the next big trend in beauty and wellness. At Spate, she specialized in the Beauty, Wellness, Food, and Beverage sectors. Her work involved leveraging data-driven insights to significantly improve marketing strategies and operational efficiencies for the best-in-class Beauty and Wellness brands.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Technology and Consumer Studies from New York University, Ms. Ballou is an expert in digital consumer behavior and social commerce. Her proficiency in deploying strategic content, forming impactful partnerships, and utilizing innovative tools are key skills she will continue to utilize in supporting Suttona Capital’s network.

At Suttona Capital, Ellie's strategic insights  and extensive industry knowledge are instrumental in driving growth and operational excellence within the portfolio companies, ensuring they achieve their development and performance goals.

Ellie Ballou
Ellie Ballou

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